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Upcoming & Ongoing Projects and Research


Speaking Engagement:

National Arts Club – “ Fashion In Art - Fashion in the Permanent Collection 1914-1917."


“La Vida es Sueño ( Life is a Dream)” - Rutgers Theater Company 

Directed by Christopher Cartmill

Costume Design by Valerie Marcus Ramshur


Research – Ongoing:

“Inclusive Inquiry: New Pedagogical approaches in Theatrical Design and History Education.“

Expanding and exploring  material culture and research methodology as ways to teach  the history of costume, architecture, and decorative arts.


"Clothing as Context: Sancho's world in Eighteenth-Century London."  

Part of a larger research project : “The Arts as Black Resistance in Eighteenth-Century London: The Life and World of Ignatius Sancho (1729–1780),” an interdisciplinary research group affiliated with the Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice at Rutgers University and that includes subject experts at other institutions in the United States and in the United Kingdom.


“Castoffs: Identity and Memory.”

A transdisciplinary work and interactive workshop that combines ethnography, oral history, and visual arts.. Exploring memory and crafting identity through textile, ceramic and storytelling.

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