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Fragments ...

Blogging serves as a public journal, offering a space where thoughts can be fully formed or gradually developed on the page. The creative process and research are inherently messy, with racing thoughts and evolving ideas. This messiness, however, fuels the excitement of discovery.

This blog functions as a project document, archiving discoveries, connections, and stories encountered along the way. As an artist, visual storytelling is central to my practice, shaping both my dreams and creative processes. Working from an intuitive place allows me to connect across histories and cultures, exploring color, texture, and narrative. Intuitive work involves observation, listening, and allowing voices and visions to surface, recording them, and probing their meanings. This process is akin to piecing together fragments, creating a cohesive narrative from diverse elements. It is through this method that we explore our public and private selves, and it is how our ancestors communicate with us, reminding us of the journeys they undertook and the legacies we must carry forward.

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